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Waterproofing Flooring Tiles in Coolangatta, and Banora Point

Planning to layout flooring for your home? Do you need 100% waterproof floor tiles for your project? Are you ready to be introduced to the exquisite world of waterproofing tiles and flooring solutions? Then wait no further! Gabriels Tiles offer the hottest waterproofing flooring tiles in Coolangatta and Banora Point!

Waterproofing flooring tiles on demand – 100% waterproof and durable

Our tiles are specifically designed keeping your basement and cellars in mind. Our products offer an additional layer of thermal coating that helps keep your cellar free from water damages. With a wide variety of colors and designs to suit your renovation plans, you get the most ideal floor tiling solutions in Brisbane!

Starting from supplying to installation, our hybrid tiling solution helps protect your property from humidity and water leakages. Your regular non-waterproofing flooring tiles may temporarily keep the water from leaking into the concrete floor. However, these tiles are prone to cracking and leaking and cannot stop the moisture from damaging the floors. Our high-quality waterproofing flooring tiles offer effective water barriers to create extra spaces for smooth moisture movement and drying time resulting in better waterproofing solutions.

What makes our waterproofing flooring tiles in Coolangatta and Banora Point stand out?

  • Faster and easier to install waterproofing tiles that require no additional grouts or adhesive
  • Completely durable and long-lasting tiles that never cracks or shatters
  • Due to its anti-humid property, it remains constantly dry
  • The tiles provide resistance to stubborn stains
  • The interlocking patterns make it easier to be replaced in case of an unexpected damage

Most ideal waterproofing flooring tiles in the market

Our products easily blend in with your required designs, making it the most in-demand product you can find in the market. We incorporate our thermal dry waterproofing tiles, textures, and colors to adapt to any kind of interior environment. Making it the most ideal, aesthetically appealing and water friendly floor tiling solution you can get.

So, if you need the right, most followed and expensive waterproofing flooring tiles in Coolangatta and Banora Point. Call us now at 0755964456 or fill this form