Duram LeakSeal Waterproofing Tape

Duram LeakSeal Waterproofing Tape

Duram Leak-Seal Tape is a reinforcing tape that is coated with a 1mm (approx) thick self-adhesive waterproofing compound that provides a fast, economical and long term method of sealing corners & upstands, cracks and joints. Used in conjunction with the Duram waterproofing membranes, Leakseal Tape provides the ultimate in waterproofing efficiency, time, convenience and economy.

 Waterproofing Tap Uses:

Waterproofing Tap made for conjunction in waterproof activities and should be used for sealing joints, cracks and gaps. If interested in contracting please read more information about our waterproofing services

Health Warning Information
Health Effects

Swallowed: Single oral dose adverse effects not expected. May cause nausea and vomiting. Nature of product makes ingestion
very unlikely as chewing would be required.
Eyes: Avoid eye contact. Mild to moderate irritation.
Skin: Mildly irritating given the nature of the product.
Inhalation: Overexposure not anticipated as the product is a tacky solid.

First Aid

Swallowed: Do not induce vomiting. Give plenty of water to drink and seek immediate medical attention.
Eyes: Immediately flush eye with clean water holding the lid open to ensure any trapped material can be flushed and seek medical
Skin: Remove contaminated clothing, wash with soap and water. Do not use solvents to remove material.
Inhaled: Remove person to fresh air. Seek immediate medical attention.