CTA Promaxset 20kg (Grey)

CTA Promaxset 20kg (Grey)


Coverage is 10m2 with 6mm trowel and 6m2 with 10mm trowel. Smooth feel for easy
trowelling. It is a flexible powdered adhesive which is
suitable for commercial, high traffic areas, external and internal tilling.

• High bond strength: C2
•  Extended open time
•  Nonslip/slump
• Good flexibility
• Self-priming
• Water washable
• Low VOC

• Interior & exterior applications
• Walls & floors
• Concrete
• Sand / cement screeds
• Fibrous cement sheeting
• Cement render
• Plasterboard
• Compressed fibrous cement sheeting
• Tiling over Sika® certified waterproofing membranes


  • Not on timber or wood
  • Not over existing tiles
  • Not over metal
  • Not for continuous water immersion eg. pools spas

CTA Promaxset 20kg (Grey)

We sell the best tile adhesives on the market at the lowest prices. We know this because this is the material we use o our commercial jobs.

⊗High Strength ⊗Fast Setting  ⊗Non-slump/non-slip ⊗Grey Cement based  ⊗Polymer Modified  ⊗Used Inside and outside

For a Full Bathroom Renovation
Demolition, Waterproofing, Bedding and Lay of Tiles for
an Unbeatable $4150 with selected tiles

If you would like to Contact Us for a future quote or to buy CTA Promaxset 20kg (Grey) in bulk, were are happy to come to your house, or if you are a Tradesman we always looking for available contractors in the Commercial Space. Sign up to Tradie Premium and Stay in the know and have access to a huge array of benefits.

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