Commercial WPM

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Commercial WPM


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Commercial WPM is a fibre reinforced waterproofing membrane it is suitable for use both internal and external waterproofing applications. Commercial WPM complies with AS4858:2004 (internal membranes) and AS4654.1:2009 (external membranes) as a class 111 Elastomeric liquid applied membrane.

• Commercial WPM is suitable for use for both internal and external waterproofing. • It is water-based and safe to use with minimum odour.
• For Green Building requirements – Commercial WPM is solvent-free and suitable for confined areas.
• It also meets the benchmark for VOC’s in the Green Building Council of Australia Ratings.
• Commercial WPM may be used as an under tile exposed trafficable pedestrian membrane) and can also be used as an exposed membrane for light foot traffic applications.
• Commercial WPM does not require the use of reinforcing the fabric and is UV resistant.
• It can be used over concrete, F/C sheet, plasterboard, timber and most building materials.
• It can also be used above or below floor screeds
Tile Price will be reduced with Installation bundle

Commercial WPM Preparation:

Commercial WPM can require that all concrete have a wood float finish and be for at least 6 weeks prior to waterproofing. If interested in contracting please read more information about our waterproofing services

  • Rendered surfaces should be allowed to cure for at least 7 days weeks prior to waterproofing.
  • All fibre cement sheets, compressed fibre cement, plasterboard structural particleboard and plywood must comply with the relevant building code.
  • All surfaces must be clean, dry, free of excessive movement, oil, dust grease, curing compounds, paint and any other loose or contaminating materials.
  • The surface must be smooth with no protrusions or major irregularities.
  • Screws and nail heads are to be sealed with epoxy or a suitable sealant. Do not use acid cured silicones or waterbased products.
  • The first coat of Commercial WPM can fill a hairline crack. Cracks up to 2mm and control joints should be filled with a suitable sealant. Neutral cure silicone or P/U construction sealant can then be taped using a 50mm wide, fabric reinforced duct tape. Internal sheet joints should also have the same treatment in the same way.
  • For interior concrete, render, uncoated F/C sheet and other interior absorbent substrates. Use RLA Universal primer as a primer before using Commercial WPM.
  • Allow drying for about 15-30 minutes.

Additional Information

  • For exterior concrete or for coated waterproof type external or internal F/C sheet use one coat of Dryflex Moisture Barrier water-based epoxy as the primer.
  • If the concrete contains moisture use 2 coats of Dryflex Moisture Barrier (see Dryflex Moisture Barrier Data Sheet) to form a hydrostatic membrane.
  • At wall-floor junctions, apply neutral silicone or polyurethane sealant (do not use acid cured silicone or water-based sealants) to form a radiused fillet of at least 25mm diameter creating a bond breaker of at least 15mm.