ADH-33 Premium Rubber Polymer

ADH-33 Premium Rubber Polymer


C2ETS1 Large Format Tile Adhesive.

C2 – High Adhesion Strength

E – Extended Open Time

T – Non Slip/Non Slump

S1 – Good Flexibility

ADH-33 Tile Adhesive is mixed with approximately 8.4L of clean drinking water per 20kg bag. Each bag will give you 11 square metres of coverage with a 10mm notch trowel.

ADH-33 Premium Rubber Polymer

In normal circumstances, no priming is required as ACT ADH-33
has unique Infused Primer Technology (IPT). To test substrate
sponge liberal amounts of water onto the substrate and ensure
water absorption is taking place. If so, then only sponge down
with clean water prior to spreading adhesive. If water is beading
or no absorption is taking place then prime with ACT PR-1
impervious primer.
20kg of ACT ADH-33 powder will require approximately 8.4
liters of clean drinking water. Slowly add ADH-33 powder into a
clean bucket with the measured water. Slowly mix with a quality
drill & mixing paddle to ensure a smooth, lump-free toothpaste
consistency. Leave the mix for 3 minutes then re-stir. The
adhesive is now ready for use.

We sell the best tile adhesives on the market at the lowest prices. We know this because this is the material we use in our commercial jobs. See our showroom at 22 Brendan Drive Nerang, Gold Coast

For a Full Bathroom Renovation
Demolition, Waterproofing, Bedding and Lay of Tiles for
an Unbeatable $4150 with selected tiles

If you would like to Contact Us for a future quote or to by ADH-33 Premium Rubber Polymer 20Kg bags in bulk, were are happy to come to your house, or if you are a Tradesman we always looking for available contractors in the Commercial Space. Sign up to Tradie Premium and Stay in the know and have access to a huge array of benefits. We would love to see you in our Gold Coast store.

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