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Safari-Tile KP 6010

Safari – 39.99

Non-Fixed Pricing

SKU: KP 6010
Colour: Grey
Size: 600×600
Body: Porcelain Tile
Type: Floor/Wall
Surface Finish: Lappato/
Edge: Rectified
Suitable: Interior

Safari Tile is our most popular commercial tile. A modern tile drawing inpiration from the volcanic basalt, the Safari tile utlises cost effective ceramic tile shaped through natural stone textures. We handpicked and instructed this design to show an  understanding of contemporary trends of design for a modern industrial commercial space. When placed in a household it creates an open space that adds gravity to a room.

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Prices shown are subject to availability and can reduce dependent on the size of the purchase. We would love you you to have Safari tile in your house immediately but we do not delivery tiles unless you are bundling them with one of our affordable installation packages. We work hard and love that you are using our website, however, all tiles are purchased in-store so please come see these beauties for your self. Colours may look different depending on screen brightness and other factors and you can’t see the detail of the textures well either.

We need to ensure you purchase the ideal tile for you and while you are in-store our specialists can guarantee you purchase the correct tile for your unique undertaking. We put forth a valiant effort to keep all our descriptions up to date, though from time to time our item data or costs might be wrong or even discounted. Come in store so we can work out the best deal in person or contact via email.

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