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Gabriel’s tiles and installation services are all about tailoring style and expertise to your vision. Renovating can seem overwhelming, but we strive to make it a simple and enjoyable process. The biggest question we are asked is where to begin, we wrote up a little guide.

Step 1: Understanding the Client | 30 minutes – 1 hour

Choosing new tiles can be the trickiest part. It’s about choosing a selection of tiles you’re interested in. The first step can take place through our website or preferably we would like you to come down to our showroom at 22 Brendan Dr, Nerang. We advise on colour theory to narrow down a range of tile samples blueprinting your intended style. We then frame things in the budget that best suits you and lastly organize a date to conduct a free in-house quotation.

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Step 2: Conduct Free onsite quotation 1.5 – 2h hours

The second step is about understanding what you’re trying to achieve so we can lay the framework of your vision. We begin by surveying the area to provide a professional opinion and figure out the best approach. This mainly involves identifying the correct measurements of your house in square meterage. If infrastructure changes are needed, we provide a network of partners to solve pre-tile work. We place the samples you have chosen to see them in their natural lighting. We also apply our interior decorating knowledge to help you decide what is the best-chosen tile for the area. When all factors are understood we provide a quote.

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2. Conduct Free onsite quotation
Step 3: Formalise the Quote

When the scale of work and intended tile of choice is identified, we then draw up a formalized contract. The next step can take place immediately after step 2 or back at our showroom if you time to reflect. We ensure that you understand all aspects of the operation and are 100% happy with the terms of the agreement. Then we book in a start date and a timeline of installation events. All points are written in an official contract with a guarantee of a 5-year warranty.

Step 4: Prepping the Area 1-3 Days

Preparation of the area is really dependent on the type of zone being renovated. There are many different factors involved depending on it being an indoor/outdoor space or a wet area. The main factories in preparation are:

  • Setting up the proper precaution for a safe working site
  • Removal of furniture
  • Striping existing area’s (if required)
  • Waterproofing
  • Identify falls that need to be rectified

To find out the various precautions taken for specific area’s click here to read our blog on the subject.

4. Prepping the area
Step 5: The Tiling Process (1-6 days depending on the size of Area)

Tilling can actually be a fast process if the preparation of the site is executed efficiently and accurately. After correct leveling is proven and waterproofing is applied (if needed), tiles are strategically placed in order of process. Tilers will apply the adhesive on the ground and lay the selected tiles. Tiles need a drying period of one day. Lastly, the tiler will then apply grout in-between each tile in addition to silicone along the walls.

5. Tiling
Step 6: Finalisation

After your beautiful new tiles installation services, we then begin analyzing our work to find any inconsistency or errors. We immediately fix them and began cleaning the area. If it is gloss based, we polish the tiles to create a beautiful glow to your new area. We assist in storing your extra tile stock. At Gabriel tiles, we like to welcome our clients as our family so keep your contact details, at your discretion, so we can keep in contact.

6. Finalisation