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Bathroom Renovation


Bathroom Renovation Frog TIled

As a Gold Coast Tiling company our bathroom renovation package is our bread and butter. Our highly skilled and experienced renovation team will work with you ever step of the way to bring your vision to life. Are you tired of how your bathroom looks and want to re-invigorate it with new tiles that will give it a renewed freshness?

We are offering the best value package bathroom renovation on the market . Since we are a local Queensland company our business is built on positive relationships and referrals. We want to keep our tilers busy and happy while building great customer experiences.

For a limited time we are offering:

Full Bathroom Renovation
Demolition, Waterproofing, Bedding and Lay of Tiles for
an Unbeatable $5900 with selected tiles

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How do you know it’s time for a renovation?

If your tiles may be looking dated and you’re considering an overhaul or you are creating a new house, inital perfection is cruical. Most people do not even realise how bad the state of their bathroom is until it’s too late and they’re forced to do an expensive structural remodelling. This comes down to a fault in the waterproofing. This can fail due to time or a botched installation job. Some early signs of hidden leakage can be:

  • Excess mold
  • Moister behind the Jiprock
  • Terminates
  • Loosely fitted tiles.

If you are thinking you might have these issues, we recommend reading our Waterproofing service page on the matter otherwise if you live in the Gold Coast area, we’re happy to visit you.

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Our Process

We begin with a free consultation with the client in their household to understand the project and ideas. Once we have a theme in mind we run through the budget and scale. Then we go into the tile selection process by browsing our digital gallery or physical showroom. If all parties are happy, we sign a contract ensuring warranty of the project and begin the installation. For more details of the installation please read our:

Installation guide
Value of service

Our packages are unbeatable as the entire process is not segmented into different stages involing many parties. Were a commercial tiling company so working with us aviods hidden out of pocket fees such as:

  • Importing tiles from a wholesaler (we are our own importer)
  • Finding installation services (We use our own commercial experienced workforce)
  • Renting and Hiring demolition gear
  • Colour consultants (We have our own interior design team)

The overall package from most of our competitors would be over $7000.

Most of our business is built on referrals so we seek to create the best valued installation service rather than the most overpriced process.

Terms and Conditions of package
  • Packages only include tiles from a selected range.
  • Damaged frames – If there is excessive water damage to the foundations of the building there may be an additional expense to hire contractors outside the skills of carpenters.
  • Tile exclusive package – no inclusion of vanities, toilets, shower screen, or plumbing accessories and plumbing labour. We will organise the best deal with our trusted suppliers.

We are not just limited to tiles, we have established very good relationships with bathroom fittings, plumbing, and electrical fittings supplier(s) and we can guarantee a finalised bathroom with installation carried out by remodelling experts. Whatever bathroom design you require, we will provide, as long as it is structurally tenable, and you can afford the respective remodeling costs.

Organise a free consultation

Lets begin discussing the best way for you to have your bathroom remodelled. Arrange a free in-house consultation and measurement by simply filling out the forum below.