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Busting Myths: Ceramic Wood Tiles

We’ve written extensively on the popularity of porcelain wood-look tile. Tiles Unlimited is all-in on the wood-look trend with over 25 collections on display and 6 new collections scheduled to arrive in the next few weeks.

We’ve spoken widely on the notoriety of porcelain ceramic wood tiles to customers in store however we thought it be time to type down our knowledge. Gabriel’s Tiles and installations is holding nothing back on the wood-look pattern with more than a huge variety of Ceramic wood tiles in store, you can see our best sellers in our digital catalogue . Are you lost in the wood-look tile renaissance? Don’t be the the tranquil one when your friends talk about their next wood-tile venture? Let those feelings of dread go, here are four things you’re stressed over that you shouldn’t be.

Myth 1: Grout Joints Make Ceramic Tiles Look Unauthentic

Look for Ceramic Wood tiles that have corrected edges. That implies that the edges of every individual tile have been done so they are exact and straight. This means that you can assemble the tiles nearer with an insignificant grout joint—as close as 4.7mm. That is close enough together that you can scarcely tell a real wood floor from a wood-look tile floor.

Myth 2: Ceramic wood is perfect for those Queensland summers

Tile flooring maintains a moderate temperature, much like genuine hardwood, yet that doesn’t mean it must be cold. Wood-look porcelain tile is very appropriate to brilliant subfloor warming and cooling. There are a few kinds of subfloor warming and tiles can be put legitimately over it for a warm and welcoming floor or placed without it to create cool environment. Obviously, a well-put carpet runner can take out cold floors regardless of what material they are.

Myth 3: Ceramic Wood Tiles Look Fake

The voyage of wood-look tiles has been fast, and the quality improves with each new item. Computerized imaging and cutting edge producing have presented sensible surfaces and visuals that you in some cases can’t differentiate from wood without taking a closer look. Tile visuals don’t just reuse similar grains and bunches again and again. A few pictures are utilised to make tiles with loads of assorted variety for a legitimate looking floor. Indeed, the structures have gotten so practical, even our tile specialists can’t differentiate.

Myth 4: Long Wood-Look Tile Planks Warp

Any tile more than 15 inches can give a test lippage (variety in the stature of abutting tiles) and distorting. In any case, if the tile is introduced effectively, it shouldn’t be an issue. Wood-look boards are accessible in sizes extending from 60– 180 cm in length and 15– 30 cm wide. Tiles should have a 33% overlap when staggered in a brick-joint pattern . A solid and steady subfloor and gifted house can likewise help with twisting and lippage.

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